Dumpling, shaped like the ancient Chinese gold ingot, symbolizes wealth and hence it is one of the major foods eaten during the holidays and Chinese New Year. Green wrappers are made with spinach juice.

Manti turkish dumplings, with yogurt {recipe link}

Manti (Turkish) made with wonton wrappers & stuffed with spiced ground beef (or lamb) for delicious tender dumplings with golden crispy tops!

Yaki Gyoza, Japanese-style Pan-fried Dumplings|パスタマシーンで全粒粉餃子

I miss and crave these almost more than the steak and wine place in Atsugi. Gyoza, Japanese-style Pan-fried Dumplings|パスタマシーンで全粒粉餃子 I sooooooooooooo love making and eating these!

Turkish Dumplings Manti

Turkish Dumplings Manti

Turkish dumplings topped with garlicky yoghurt sauce and oil sauce with mint and paprika called manti are enough to make everyone hungry!

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