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many different colored plates with faces and eyes are arranged in the shape of teddy bears
Lemon Ganache
This lemon ganache is bursting with bright citrus! It's the perfect filling for macarons, cupcakes, and cakes. Get the recipe here:
there are many green macaroons on the plate with white icing and sprinkles
Pistachio Macarons: Step-By-Step Recipe w/ Video
These pistachio macarons are made with pistachio macaron shells and filled with decadent pistachio ganache. They're bursting with pistachio flavor!!
1h 9m
Matcha strawberry keroppi Swiss roll
several pieces of cake with white frosting and nuts
Tartelettes Pécan Lactée et Zephyr caramel - Dodofairy
a piece of cake with fruit toppings on it
Formation longue en pâtisserie | Pâtisserie Privée
several pieces of bread with white frosting and almonds on top sitting on a table
Tartelettes façon Snickers
» Tartelettes façon Snickers
a chocolate cake with white frosting and chocolate decorations on it's top, sitting on a plate
Tiramisu circle