Bargello Design

mooie kleuren patroon voor band Bargello Design My mind has already decided to do this in Crochet!

Different stitch types

I wanted to show needlepoint decorative stitches finished with each stitch diagram. Sometimes I look at a stitch diagram and wonder what the stitch would look like finished.

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Bargello chart

Bargello chart - needs development to work for a true Bargello all-over pattern.

Vintage Bargello Needlepoint Abstract Design in by Splinkville

Vintage Bargello Needlepoint Abstract Design in Green Op Art Decor Wall Hanging

Golden Light Designs: Bargello

Bargello is also known as Florentine Needlework. It's a form of embroidery where the stitches are in clusters of vertical stitches.

The Rhodes Stitch: Rhodes Clover and Shamrock

How to Work the Basic Rhodes Needlepoint Stitch plus 7 Variations

Get free stitch diagrams & instructions to work the Rhodes needlepoint stitch and 7 variations. Add unique texture to your needlepoint projects.

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The Makeup Trend Everyone is Dying to Try: Cut Crease

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