how to create a braid in crochet! -this is so simple! I can imagine a sweater made out of these "cabled-braids"... <3

How to Create a Fancy Braid in Simple Crochet - no pattern, just this photo. Same principle as the Jacob's Ladder pattern.

Full tutorial for the crochet bullion stitch!

Full tutorial for the crochet bullion stitch! This stitch has been a real bear for me - hoping this will help me clean up the stitch.

Crochet Romanian Point - Tutorial

Macramé Style Crochet (Romanian Point Lace) in Anna Burda, March 1981


This is an easy pattern. Circles are easy to crochet in general in simple dc, sc, etc.: just keep increasing groupings one more stitch farther apart for each and every new row and the circle should lay flat even if you keep going like that for forever.

Lace cake dome made by stiffening lace over a bowl - love!

5 Spring Projects from Ideas Magazine

linked circle scarf

Crochet interlocking rings - Site is in Turkish with no tutorial, but it doesn't look too difficult to figure out from the photos.

Cute stitch found on an amazing site.

Crocodile Scarf Tail that can become such a beautiful, layered Edging ! "Cute stitch found on an amazing site". with pattern instructions & pics.

diy rug

T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug Tutorial all the latch hook we did when we were the thought of t shirts instead. It won't fuzz up like the yarn did.

Beautiful but damaged antique/vintage Duchesse and Point de Gaze lace panel

La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack