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an image of a man with a beard sitting in front of a black and white photo
Sedat Kutlu
Salih Yazıcı
Salih Yazıcı
an image of a man in the water with a caption that reads, cok dorgu bir soz
a woman in sunglasses is standing on the beach by the water and looking at the camera
a person holding a vase filled with yellow flowers next to a candle and some white candles
Şiir evi
Supportive, Shit Happens, Baseball Cards
Göksal Karakoyun
bob marley quote about being happy
Onur Bbr
On Instagram, Repost, Fendi
a bird flying over a person's hand with the words kaderin izn vermedigine, sanssin gucu yetmlyor
Şükran Koçkar
there is a message on the rocks by the water that says, bir hastane baccesinde bird mezzakka oggenir insan insan
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