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Or this suit of Redford's from 1974's THE GREAT GATSBY. And those shirts he so frivolously throws up in the air for Daisy's delight. F--ing gorgeous. Classic sartorial splendor.

"Daisy bent her head into the shirts and began to cry stormily. 'They're such beautiful shirts,' she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. 'It makes me sad because I've never seen such---such beautiful shirts before.

Gatsby's cream colored Rolls-Royce convertible.

Comprehensive report on the RM Auctions Amelia Island 2011 from Rick Carey. Report and analysis from the RM Auctions Automobiles of Amelia Island 2011 sale.

gatsby part scene

Gatsby is a good character in The Great Gatsby. It tells a great story about Daisy and Gatsby. In my opinion, I think the movie succeed create this character.

valley of ashes

A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' drama THE GREAT GATSBY, a Warner Bros. Courtesy of Warner Bros. (c) 2013 Bazmark Film III Pty Limited.

Dr. T.J  Eckleburg billboard

The most famous eyes in American lit?