Pratt and Larson Tile and Stone

Possibly for master bath or basement bar for Owen's nautical theme. Starry Sky mosaics from Pratt & Larson

Broug Ateliers For Islamic Geometrical Design

Islamic arabesque decoration took its true root in geometry. Since Islamic religion forbid the painting of people the designs of the culture became very geometric.

Flower Doodles, Perse, Turkish Art, Pergamano, Tangle Patterns, Arabic Calligraphy, Islamic Art, Tangled, Glass Art


Islamic Calligraphy, Calligraphy Art, Islamic Patterns, Islamic Motifs, Turkish Art, Arabic Pattern, Celtic Art, Visionary Art, Islamic Art


Woodcarving, Machine Quilting Patterns, Stencil Patterns, Kirigami, Paper Cutting, Metal Art, Cuttings, Motifs, Stenciling

Turkish Art, Mandala Coloring, Islamic Art, Islamic Motifs, Illuminated Manuscript, Embroidery Designs, Art Designs, Orient, Art Patterns


Arabic Art, Islamic Patterns, Illuminated Manuscript, Islamic Art, Painting Techniques, Art Sketches, Craft Patterns, Pattern Design, Boarders

Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Art, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Sculptures, Turkish Tiles, Turkish Art, Motifs Textiles, Turkish Pattern, Drawing Sketches