Na'Na, Caramelised Onion and Olive Pide

{VOTING OPEN} Pizza around the world: Turkish Pide and a Poached Pear Pizza

Recipe: Caramelised Onion & Olive Pide, Turkish Pizza I ate 12 of these when I was don't know how, and threw up all 12 of them on my way on a bus to Istanbul.

Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

Know about Turkey's most visited ancient city and adventure place. Istanbul is the popular destination of tourist. Most beautiful place to visit in Turkey.

Adana Kebab / 21 Tantalizing Turkish Foods You’ll Want Immediately (via BuzzFeed)

21 Tantalizing Turkish Foods You'll Want Immediately

Turkish elderly lady with a red flower in her hijab, head scarf

Turkish elderly lady with a red flower in her hijab, head scarf ( Çomakdağ - Milas - Muğla)

9) Forever Young...Never too old.....Elderly grace & style, stay young & age well

Made me smile too - I love the sense of humor. Pinner says - This made me smile. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to making silly faces when we are older. Life is so beautiful.

Evil eye hanging from a tree in Cappadocia, Turkey. Evil eyes are meant to ward off evil

Souvenir Shopping in Turkey : 14 Ideas of What to Buy

baby Van cat

Odd Eyed Van Kitten Wallpaper from Cats. The Van cat is a distinctive landrace of domestic cat, found mainly in the Lake Van region of eastern Turkey. It's large, all-white, & frequently odd eyed, which is natural for the breed.


Travel to INDIA! Another place that I am very fascinated by-India! So many people, so much colour and beauty, and new languages and religions to learn about :)

Double Oriel. Yeniköy.

Double Oriel. Yeniköy.