Coser la almohada para la alimentación del bebé

Идеи для шитья

Beautiful bohemian necklaces whipped up from inexpensive items from a local craft shop.

Шьем теплый конверт на выписку для новорожденных.

Buying a cold weather 2 person sleeping bag should not be hard. Read our take on the Grizzly By Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping Bag today.

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своими руками

I want to scale this up using bed pillows to make my granddaughter a playroom couch!

Adorable Will do this for all of these with infants in my life...

Bib/pacie Would also be great for putting their medicine in the pacifier. If they spit it out or spit up, the bib is there to catch it.


Obviously, this is not in English, but the photo sections make construction points clear to someone who's experienced with sewing.