Dakota C-47 airplane wreck near Kaş on the southern coast of Turkey. // Rico Besserdich

I'm an avid scuba diver. Ever the domain of the wealthy, scuba diving required both access to the ocean and a shite ton of money for travel & equipment. Not really having any of it, this awesome hobby just kinda passed me by.

Beautiful Seychelles Beach, Ikaria, Greece Ikaria is the island where people with terminal illnesses have fully recovered, and extended longevity is the norm.

Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz Turkey

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz: A Spectacular Place from every Perspective

Ölüdeniz in Southern Turkey offers everything for the great escape: Paragliding, enchanting blue lagoons and Turks with a British accent.

Plaża w Ölüdeniz, Turcja (this photo was made during parachuting)

Scuba diving Kaş-Turkey #caretta caretta

Scuba diving Kaş-Turkey #caretta caretta

honeymoon suites with private pool | Likya Gardens Hotel - Signature Suite

Likya Gardens Hotel in Kalkan, Turkey: an uber-romantic hotel where each suite has a private plunge pool and sea views.

Datca Peninsula Coastline

Izmir, Antalya