Pincha mayurasana (2nd series ashtanga)

This will be me one day. (Achieved this My 'one day' was this past Monday 😊)

Purvottanasana {reverse plank}

health insurance and fitness- Meditation Concepts Spelled out Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, as well as Power Yoga exercise!

Dolphin pose

9 Yoga Poses to Open Your Shoulders

Yoga Shoulder Openers: Yoga Poses for Shoulders, Hips, and Posture - Shape Magazine


- taking my wonderful boyfriend to yoga class tonight! I hope he enjoys it. He came to my riding lesson today to film me practising for my test on Sunday. He's such a gem and I'm amazingly lucky to have him!

Kapinjalasana - Partridge

Kapinjalasana (Partridge Pose) is one of the postures that just makes you stop and laugh. It’s a challenge pose woven into a challenge pose but when you look at it you see simple beauty and poetry.

Bhujapidasana / Shoulder Pressure Pose

Taught a modified version of this pose in my class on Monday: Bhujapidasana / Shoulder Pressure Pose

adho mukha vrksasana

the female form when associated with sport and fitness