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mega mouth shark. Why is the diver not afraid

The basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) is the second largest living fish, after the whale shark, and one of three plankton-eating sharks besides the whale shark and megamouth shark.

Challenger Deep Mariana Trench - Bing Images

Mitsukurina owstoni (Goblin Shark) found at continental shelf levels to deep sea depths the shelf is where most deep sea commercial fishing is done. Scientific Name: Mitsukurina owstoni Rank: Species Higher classification: Mitsukurina

Weird Animal

Flaring the gills, gives the species its name, a Frilled Shark swims at Japan's Awashima Marine Park. Sightings of living frilled sharks are rare, because the fish generally remain thousands of feet beneath the ocean's surface.

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