Tabla Base de la máquina de coser Vintage por AlexandersFurniture

Vintage Antique Singer Sewing Machine base table with solid oak top with natural edges. Beautiful Singer table which has become a very (Top Design Ikea Hacks)

Представляю Вашему вниманию симпатичный детский плед с рельефным рисунком 'корзиночка'. Связан спицами из импортной пряжи, мягкий и очень уютный. Получился мягкий и тёплый плед размером 107 см на 110 см.

I present to your attention a cute children's blanket with a relief pattern "basket".It turned out a soft and warm blanket measuring 107 cm by 110 cm.

How to Knit the Raspberry Stitch or Trinity Stitch - YouTube

How to Knit the Raspberry Stitch or Trinity Stitch This video shows you how to work the Raspberry Stitch, also known as the Trinity Stitch. Pattern instructions: Rows 1 and Purl all stitches Row source

Tartar yok etme

Video shows 3 best ways to remove teeth plaque or tartar at home without visiting a dentist for your dental cleaning. Remedies For Strong and White Teeth: ht.