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1000 Life Hacks

It’s the EMT in me… This diagram could save someone’s life!there’s nothing about stopping the gushing from my lady parts! Now THAT would save someone’s life!

How To Wear Black Tie Infographic

Booooo to the pleated pants and 1 button I like 2 but hey ! How To Wear Black Tie Infographic – Visual Guide To Wearing A Tuxedo (via Covelo Covelo Covelo Covelo Covelo Centeno)

A Man's Guide To Beards! But then again Channing Tatum can rock any

Are you wondering how many beard styles are there? This article features a man's guide to beards infographic. See 16 types of men's beards.

A few simple tips to help the average man to become just a little more stylish. For more information go to

Essential Guy Style Rules That’ll Help You Look Taller Good tips for smarter casual style, though Im game for a good zip-up hoodie from time to time.

How to achieve the perfect shave Infographic

Beauty Tip: The Perfect Way To Shave For Men. Here is a really informative how to style graphic teaching Men how to get the perfect Shave.