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18 Pictures That Show How Different High School And College Are

Haha!! Sleeping in college: | 18 Pictures That Sum Up The Difference Between High School And College

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hi guys merry christmas it is that time again

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pinterest : @theylovekandi ❤ I imagine this in the narrator voice of Jane the Virgin

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College is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds, than all of a sudden you're failing 11 classes, even though you're only taking 5..

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In this case it's being single..not anything to do with college :(

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College Humor ❁✧ Bella Montreal ✧❁

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Professor: "1 out of every 5 of you will develop an anxiety disorder" Me: *looking at my row* "I got you fam"

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Or you have to clear your search history

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When its a history exam Me: *dressed up as hamilton* Brain: *intensely playing Hamilton* *ACES IT AND WALKS OUT PLAYING CABNIET MEETING!*

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