4. sınıf frolics

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Loved this idea! My whole team just used it as our culminating activity for our fraction unit and my students loved it.
Guided Reading Goodies:) - Some of the different things I use in small groups with my students.  Take a peek in my basket:)
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Pop Top Math and 5 for Friday

This may be the ultimate classroom layout/theme/idea site... including floorplans.
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Because we all like getting comfy when we read. Check out these amazing (and surprisingly easy!) setups.

Pirates Read Too

Creating an environment that encourages creativity in children is essential in helping them engage in their learning. When assessing them, it is imperative that children are in an environment that promotes a sense of security with little or no distractions. A positive and serene environment can help lower test anxiety in children who experience it in higher levels before being assessed.