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Paper Wreath

Paper Wreath: This is an amazing way to make use of the toilet paper tubes that keep piling up around the house. Heidi Kundin of the blog Mom's Crafty Space said each wreath took between 12 and 15 toilet paper rolls to make. She says she started with a piece of cardboard as a template, but once she started making the wreaths, it was really easy. Somehow, I don't think mine would look nearly as pretty!


Beautiful vase made news paper, construction paper, and magazines. assembled with a hot glue gun. Just roll up the paper super skinny then flatten it! Use you're new flat ribbon like paper to roll again. Making coin like rolls attach each one to another. the bottom is a giant rolled up papper coin.


Lemon Berry Roulade with Hot milk sponge cake


PINK "were gonna wake up and..." from daniel danger

PINK "were gonna wake up and..." - Thumbnail 1

Cardboard Tube Farm Animals: The Round Up

Cardboard Tube Farm Animals: The Round Up! - Crafts by Amanda


Fallout 3 replica weapons

There are four classes of laser guns in Jupiter Winds. The violetflare (usually handheld), blueflare rifles (a step up in intensity), greenflare, and redflare cannons (can blow holes through walls).


How to Throw the Sweetest Spring Dinner Party

Cucumber Feta Rolls.