A Single Man- Julianne Moore & Colin Firth

RP: A Single Man. Besides Colin Firth, who could improve the design of any room simply by being in it, I absolutely crave those huge frosted mirrors with the gilt frames!

The Lautner House from 'A Single Man' via Nuji.com

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She is always so good in all movies, would like to know her personally. She must be a wonderful woman!

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22 Great Bedroom Decor Ideas for Men

‘A SINGLE MAN’: Some Masculine Bedrooms for The Fellas. Dark blinds or tailored shades are always striking, and a great choice for a masculine bedroom. Interior styling by Louisa Grey. - Home Decoz

A Single Man | Matthew Goode and Colin Firth

Venice Gives Tom Ford Film Thumb’s Up

poster for A Single Man / by Federico Babina

Image 11 of 17 from gallery of ARCHICINE: Illustrations of Architecture in Film. A Single Man. Directed by Tom Ford. Image Courtesy of Federico Babina

A Single Man. A heartbreaker with a stunning performance by Firth, as a man deeply tormented by the death of his lover. A must see.

A Single Man (2009)

Colin Firth in Tom Ford - "A Single Man."

The Subdued Style of 'A Single Man'

Actors and Directors | Director Tom Ford with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore  One film together: A Single Man (2009). | Annie Leibovitz #leibovitz

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