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Alphabet Zoo {ABC Chart} (Freebielicious)

My entire K team will be using an "Alphabet Zoo" theme next year. There is an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Create an action to go with each letter when you introduce it. It gives your stud

All Students Can Shine: ABCs and a Freebie!

All Students Can Shine: ABCs and a Freebie! There is a ABC's and pack on TPT by this teacher and I hope it will help my first grade kiddos who need a refresher and those who need a little help.

Small Group Alphabet Instruction (AKA - The Longest Post EVER)

ABC linking chart freebie and she has a lot of great ideas for small group alphabet instruction and activities!

This class created their own ABC chart using environmental print.

Phonics This is a fun and interactive alphabet chart using environmental print! Diller displays an example of using environmental print in her text as well. It is a great way to intrigue your students and help relate them to the letters.