{Absolut} New Absolut Vodka designs - 2013 #Absolut #vodka
Absolut kanival vodka withpassionfruit orange blossom flavor Votka şişesi ile saksının birlikteliği😌
Always fond of stretching borders, Absolut Vodka regularly re-defines the word event. When Absolut Vodka is involved in an event, the borders between art, ...


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@Absolut vodka unveils UNIQUE - 4 million individual bottles created and roll out thru #travelretail markets first
Absolut Vodka x Marvel Concept designed by Krizia Soetaniman - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2015/11/absolut-vodka-x-marvel-concept.html

Absolut Vodka x Marvel (Concept)

White Eleven! Special coctail with 11 different types of white alcohol.  Includes:  1 cl. Absolut votka  1 cl. Absolut Kurant  1 cl. Absolut Mandarin  1 cl. tekila  1 cl. Gordon cin  1 cl. Bacardi  1 cl. Martini Dry  1 cl. melon liqueur  1 cl. Martini Bianco  1 cl. Archers  1 cl. Malibu
Absolut Elyx.  Classic martini or straight up.  Don't mix this with Redbull!!

Absolut Elyx

Absolut Amber "Oak Aged" Vodka.  Can take a place next to the bourbon, scotch…
Design par andy Warhol, absolut votka, début septembre en vente (16,90€)