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Happiness is Debits = Credits - Mug

Happiness is debits = credits The perfect coffee mug for any happy Accountant. Take advantage of our Low Flat Rate Shipping - order 2 or more and save. - Printed and Shipped from th

Long term goal is to be an accountant. Just reinforces how difficult it can be at times.

"Teacher says pick a partner look at your friend like this" is not right because there should be the words "when the" before teacher and a comma after partner, along with a period. Grammar win: When the teacher says pick a partner, look at your friend lik

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The tax man is showing no mercy at Santa's tax audit = maybe his bank = SANTAnder, can assist him with a loan after Santa gets a gargantuan tax bill !

In accounting, you cannot write off any amount of money without good reason, no matter how insignificant it may seem. I once spent two days looking for a three dollar difference.

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Accounting Joke .. Explain Not Understand Pinback Buttons

Accounting Joke .. Explain Not Understand Pinback Button

35 Humor Quotes about work #work humor #funny

35 Humor Quotes about work

NOTICE - Due to the current work load the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice. when will that fucking notice turn up?

One of my loves.....Accounting. If you like accounting then you'd find this sign funny. If not then I am just a geek lol.

Welcome to Accounting Department poster

True story

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I don't always clear my calculator, but when I do I hit both "C" and "CE" a bunch of times because I don't know exactly what they do.

Yeah, we do that. Yeah, they were straight the whole time. Just like we said.