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Acer rubrum - Red Maple, Everyone loves the fall color. Challenges are the shallow roots, thin bark and locating it from hot wind. There are many choices with these and closely related trees. Seek the comments found in the Kansas State Research and Extension publication on Shade Trees.


October Glory Red Maple (Acer rubrum 'October Glory') at Oakland Nurseries Inc

AROG - Acer rubrum 'October Glory' (October Glory® Red Maple)

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Autumn island bed

Autumn island bed Fall color Complement the brilliant fall color of a tree like the Burgundy Belle® red maple (Acer rubrum) at left with an island bed that puts it in scale with its surroundings. But don’t just rely on color-changing foliage to add fall interest. Some shrubs, such as the viburnum here, form beautiful berries that draw in birds, too. Just keep clicking to find out more about the viburnum and 5 other in this colorful design! | Garden Gate eNotes


Maple, 'October Glory' (Acer rubrum 'October Glory'): Red Maple cultivar; dark green leaves turn red in late fall; Grows 40'-50' high; prefers slightly acid, moist soils; partial shade to full sun. +

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Red Maple

GREAT FOR FALL COLOR! October Glory Red Maple - Grows 40'-50' high with a 25'-35' spread. Tolerant of many soils, but prefers slightly acid and moist conditions. Plant in partial shade to full sun.

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October Glory Maple tree

October Maple Tree (Acer Rubrum ‘October Glory’) grows great and provides spectacular color and are for sale online at


Acer rubrum 'Red Rocket' / Acer rubrum 'Red Rocket' - spreads 8-10'. Good for city yards