Henry Cavill - Man of Steel, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Tudors

Henry Cavill photographed by Dan MacMedan for USA Today on October 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Morgan Freeman...also known as "The Voice of God." He has a great body of work, and he's great fun to watch no matter what kind of character he is playing.

Boogie Man Journal: Morgan Freeman's response to the shootings. Probably the most accurate insight heard yet.

Mark Harmon, male actor, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS, powerful face, intense eyes, handsome, great tv, portrait, photo

H - To me, if he were in Trek, or Trek fan fic, he would be a Captain/Commodore/Admiral. He MIGHT also be a choice for McCoy's father - Perhaps, he worked on a Medical Ship

Liam Neeson. FINALLY! Been looking for ages of a picture of him to put on here, he's another of my favorite actors!

Liam Neeson - Ireland's gift to the United States. Great voice, demeanor, and actor !

David Giuntoli of Grimm

David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt Does he not have the most beautiful eyes or…

Antonio Banderas | Raddest Men’s Fashion Looks On The Internet: http://www.raddestlooks.org

Antonio Banderas / So sad about their divorce. Marriage is not the easiest of institutions under the best of circumstances. Celebrities have an even more difficult time because they live in a gold fish bowl. They also have appearance expectations that ma

Gerard Butler, male actor, celeb, powerful face, beard, intense eyes, handsome, steaming hot, sexy, eyecandy, portrait, photo

Gerard Butler: Dubai Int'l Film Festival - December 2009 - (Variety Int'l Star of the Year), Portraits