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"Everything stays but it still changes, ever so slightly, daily and nightly, in little ways Everything stays" - Marceline, Adventure Time


Taking pain is easy…

funny-Adventure-Time-human-quote <<< First time this episode came on I had NO idea what he meant by 'hickey', but after finding out what a hickey was, I was like "Oh hell no.

I'm on an adventure time spree if you haven't noticed. Oh and CLICK ON THE LINK... I dare you not to cry which is going to be REALLY HARD if you watch the show and actually have grown attached to it, and they call it a kids show...

19 Times "Adventure Time" Really Wanted To Make You Cry


13 Inspiring and Motivational Quotes from ‘Adventure Time’

"Adventure Time" knows just what to say to keep you motivated throughout the work day. Get inspired and motivated with these "Adventure Time" quotes!

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Adventure time "If I think about it too much, I get all soul-searchy and weird"

If I said this to people in the LSP voice, would they take me seriously?

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