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Don't fuck with Yuno guys it will be the last thing you ever do!! >.


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Which Lana Del Rey Hit is the Theme Song of Your Life?

I got: Young and Beautiful! Which Lana Del Rey Hit is the Theme Song of Your Life? You are a very self-aware and wise person. You've seen the world, done it all, had your cake now. But now that you've been around for a while and you know all about life's adventures, you seem to be asking yourself "what next?". There are questions circling in your head right now about love, beauty, and time. Don't worry, though, you'll figure the answers out soon enough.


Three Tips to Creating a Sanctuary in your Home by Susan Shehata : All space is sacred, especially when it has been consciously created with intention. To create a space with intention means to reflect on [..]


Yuno: I see you sweetie! warning: when you see a girl with pink hair and she always use a phone, it's probability a good thing to run before some s*** hits the fences


Yesterday I had Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul on loop. It was legit the only song I listened to all day.