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...But if you forgot you had a watch, that might be the only way of getting you to realize it.

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Art from the Heart! by deificusArt

Alan Watts On God | in isness pictures tagged alan watts consciousness existence god ...

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Alan Watts. If you've never heard his philosophies, you should look for some on Youtube. Very profound.

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Alan Watts. I think that this is a great quote. It sums up my belief that the only meaning to life is the one that you create. This highlights the importance, to me, of relationships. The way you treat the people around you is the most important thing. At the end of the day all we really have is time and I believe that time is best spent being nice to people you come into contact with.

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alan watts quotes | Alan Watts quote | Specula-tions on Life's Oddities › borrowed ...

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Great Alan Watts #quote

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Alan watts quotes | Quotes* Poems* / Alan Watts

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If I'd Learned One Thing In College, I Wish It Had Been This

If I'd Learned One Thing In College, I Wish It Had Been This

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alan watts quotes | Alan Watts — some quotes that beautifully ... | Thoughts and Words ...

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Alan Watts - so so true.

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