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Alex Pettyfer as Richard, a Ranger who arrives as part of the reinforcements and later is assigned to go n the mission into Moldov

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Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with curly hair (27 photos)

Alex Kane is Crystal's brother and her assistant in tormenting the Siluestresi. Their father Tobias Kane is the head of the conspiracy. Alex and his friends soon side against the Siluestresian guys but he's friends with Cassie for the first 2 1/2 years. His powers are telekinesis and teleportation.

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I'm sorry but this is who I imagined as Finnick in Catching Fire...

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Alex Pettyfer is so so so beautiful and I love him as an actor but why does he have to have such a terrible personality now?

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Alex Pettyfer (how is he even real.. too much hotness omG)

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"Son, I've got word that the green-eyed beauty is up for bidding tonight, seems like tonight, you will be married. I suggest you start packing your bags" "Yes father"

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Alex Pettyfer ( "This Man" By: Jodi Ellen Malpas needs to made into a movie with him as Jesse!!!)

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You can make up your own LaCroix flavor with this online generator

So many good looking guys and not enough time to just look at them... Stop being so gorgeous

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“I think we’ll all go barking mad if we have to sit all edgy on the edge of our seats any longer,” Finn said. “Go ahead, tell us a tall tale. Or better yet, take us away to some place that’ll remind us of sweet, fresh smells, like that of heather and pine…of home.” “You mean Scotland?” Fate asked. He smiled faintly. “Aye.” [Fate's Fables excerpt.] Alex Pettyfer as Finn

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"You're good at what you do, but your heart's not in it." "Of course. I'm a murderer, you know."

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