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Chewy Amaretti Cookies | Another Italian-American bakery classic to add to your holiday cookie tray! (Naturally Gluten-free)


Here in the Northwest spring and summer can actually sneak up on you. June and July can be here on paper, but the marine air, cool temps and dampness can fool you a bit. Our temps passed the 80 deg...


Nutella S'more Iced Coffee - I might just put some nutella and milk in my hot coffee tomorrow morning...


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Peach Pit Recipe

Peaches and almonds make a terrific, if unsung, pairing. If you need convincing, first consider this Peach Pie With Double Cinnamon-Almond Crust dessert recipe; then, try a sip of Kim Haasarud's Peach Pit cocktail, which contains a whole ripe peach, peach vodka and the amaretto liqueur Amaretto di Saronno, an Italian brand that has a bittersweet almond flavor.