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Doctor who amelia / amy pond karen gillan cboard cutout

Does anyone know where this cafe is? Where was this filmed?if you do please post it in the comments section

What if when the doctor regenerates he goes and visits Amy like he did with Rose

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Doctor Who, Season 7 - Angels in Manhattan

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Doctor Who, Season 7 - Angels in Manhattan (This was my Halloween costume

so sad to see them go

Which New "Doctor Who" Companion Are You?

Which New "Doctor Who" Companion Are You? ~ I'm Amelia Pond! The girl who waited! Feisty, flirtatious, and ultimately one of the Doctor’s most loyal companions. You enjoy seeing and trying new things, and you don’t like to sit still for long.

amelia pond and the doctor

Amy (Karen Gillan) kisses the Doctor (Matt Smith) - This makes my heart hurt!

Clara Oswald, Amy Pond , Donna Noble , Martha Jones , & Rose Tyler

The girl who died twice. The girl who waited. The girl who forgot. The girl who walked the earth. The girl who loved. Which is your favorite? (mine is obviously Rose)

Eleventh Doctor - and Amy Pond -

When Matt Smith read the script for when Amy and Rory left the show. She was off-camera, but she sat next to him and read her letter to him during this scene, quietly, so it would be real. *all the feels* *sob*

Amy Pond outfit - red hoodie & converse love

Red sweater + black skirt + gray tights + short black socks + blue converse How to Dress Like Amy Pond From 'Doctor Who' (Without Cosplaying). This is her outfit from Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone Season 5 eps

Amy Pond, the girl who waited. Rory Williams, the boy who waited.

Amy Pond, the Girl Who Waited - Rory Williams, the Boy Who Waited (Art by theGorgonist on Etsy)

Alphonse Mucha Dr. Who                                                                  Friday gallery News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - io9

The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes

How fabulous is this Art Nouveau Amy Pond art by Bill Mudron? Doctor Who meets Alphonse Mucha. (via And This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, tip of the hat to Andy Cheverton for pointing me to it in the first place)