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Hellllllllooooooo Moriarty!!! <----- That's one sexy high functioning…

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Don't think I'm ever going to get over this picture #andrewscott

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I bet that has to be awkward. Here. Let us show a clip of you that you may have not seen cause so many of you don't like watching yourselves. But we're going to force you to now, as you're trapped in a huge space with peers. That's not at all intimidating. At all.

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HA HA This gif: Andrew Scott's expressions seem to read, "Yeah that's right , guess who gets to hold his hand?... NOT YOU!! <-This LOLOL Dying!

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Look at this acting! The first pic is Andrew Scott being all happy and funny. The second is Moriarty, ready to kill your family

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Andrew Scott, playing Moriarty in the TV series "Sherlock".

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I'd like to find that out for myself, thank you.

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Me-"I KNEW HE ENJOYED IT. And Ben forgot it was supposed to be an ALMOST kiss and Andrew didn't try to stop him."

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Andrew Scott - He became one of my top favorite badguys the very first moment he came on-screen. ♡

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So Benny's an otter, Martin and Amanda are hedgehogs, and Andrew is a baby ostrich!

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