There always a special place in my heart My Sweet Angel Baby A.  I Love You!! When I lost you my heart broken to pieces.

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There always a special place in my heart My Sweet Angel Baby A. When I lost you my heart broken to pieces.

Tiny blankets and hats for babies who pass away. So cute! Teeny Tears: Mini-Blankets and Mini-Quilts

For angel babies that are too small and fragile, even for our diapers, we offer tiny little mini-blankets or mini-quilts and stockinette hat.

Finally someone gets it! My loss was no less significant because my babies were younger gestationally. That's like telling someone who loses their 2 year old that their loss is less significant because at least he wasn't 3 yet.

Deeper Still: Guest Post: Early Pregnancy Loss. We still grieve the loss of a child, and we want recognition of that no matter how tiny or unformed they were.

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RAINBOW Baby Sweet Pea...Baby after by BellesCreativeCrafts

An Angel, A Rainbow and a Pot of Gold Sweet Pea Pod.Baby after Miscarriage / Infant Loss NECKLACE.Remember and Honor all your Sweet Peas

Always - grieving parents with angel baby sculpture - child loss memorial gift of remembrance with mother father and infant made to order

Baby Loss Memorial Statue - Mother Father and Angel Baby clay sculpture - add up to five siblings - child loss keepsake - made to order

Having a baby die-straight fucking truth I hope you never have to feel this, there's nothing NOTHING worse!

Having a baby unlocks a love your heart never knew was missing. Having a baby die unlocks a pain your soul never imagined possible

For my friends grieving a piece of their heart others don't even know how to recognize or support....praying for you

my angel baby: made me want to cry. I will always love you my little angel babies.