When she looked in the mirror-She couldn't believe her eyes-There on the other side-Was an angel beautiful and wise-Do we have a split personality-An earthly and spiritual side-Time we took a second look-To conquer that great divide.

Fantasy Art by Anne Stokes

I had this idea for a gothic style angel where the wings curve round protectively in a heart shape, and she looks down in sad reflection as a petal falls from a rose. It symbolised things passing, .

"Existem pessoas que nos inspiram... Outras que nos fazem bem... E aquelas que, simplesmente sem pedir licença, tocam a nossa alma." Lígia Guerra

My angel leans in and breathes in my soul. I give freely, for I am nothing without his strength and love .

Peace Angel:  Calm Spirit~ We call you here~ To quiet the war that rages~ Tranquility we yearn for~ As we turn the calendar pages~ Peace angel come by here~ To save all ages.

Peace Angel

Sargent's Fine Art is pleased to feature the fantastical paintings of Mary Baxter St Clair who lets us see through her eyes the wonder-filled world of fairies, mermaids, and angels.

a pretty fairy and I like her dress... ; )

How Good or Bad Are You?

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This is what they look like when I have seen them... :) Check out the website for more

Archangel Metatron~Whenever you feel like you need help from your angels, you can always call upon Archangel Metatron. Pure light, Metatron is a great spiritual teacher who is ready to help you take your life to the next level.

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Lotus flowers leading up to glorious angel of light. Spiritual progress is made in steps. DK Seattle pinner said

"Grave Beauty" ... old cemeteries are full of amazing sculptural art. Sure hate we're getting away from that!

What an astounding monument. The Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy - CALCAGNO Family circa Sculptor: Adolfo Apolloni What an astounding monument. The Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy - CALCAGNO Family circa Sculptor: Adolfo Apolloni

Real Pictures of Angels Spirits | Dear One, Love God: ANGELIC DUTIES

That is amazing! Looks almost like there is a monstance on both upper and lower wings. What beautiful gifts from Heaven! Thank You Angels in Heaven and thank You God The Father!