"Annabeth wondered if that burning mark was based on a real scared owl, if so, when she survived she was going to find that owl and punch it in the face. the thought lifted her spirits." - I love Annabeth

Camp Half Blood Parentage Test (Mostly Accurate)

Wisdoms daughter walks alon le the mark of athena burns through rome, twins snuff out an angels breath , who holds the key to endless death, giants bane stands gold and pale , won through pain and a woven jail.

Annabeth Chase- she could be a bit tanner, but WHO CARES? this is great!

Annabeth Chase- Daughter of Athena,middle name:unknown Boyfriend:percy jackson Any quests:several Parents:Fredrick chase and Athena Siblings:twin brothers In prophecies:several Birthday:July A.

Annabeth Chase<< she cant be on a laptop tho cuz it will attract monsters<<she can its that laptop daedalus gave her

Annabeth Chase<< she cant be on a laptop tho cuz it will attract monsters<<she can its that laptop daedalus gave her<<< I love this photo

Annabeth is totally a great role model for young girls. For young girls to look at her and realize that Annabeth doesn't need a man in life, and to see her as a smart and independent young woman is amazing. Thanks Rick Riordan for the amazing characters you have given us in your amazingly wonderful novels and series.

Somehow I can solve the Quadratic Formula, Pythagorean Therom, memorize the Periodic table, come up with battle strategies, get a book published (it's called the Master game check it out) but somehow I have no idea how relationships work.

Lemons can repel spiders | 8fact | Annabeth Chase

Lemons can repel spiders | 8fact | Annabeth Chase

Top Ten Heroines List: Annabeth Chase #1 Percy Jackson And The Olympians, The Heroes Of Olympus. YAY ASDFGHJKL ANNABETH YOU RULE!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Heroes Of Olympus - Annabeth Chase

This is my favorite depiction of Annabeth. She looks way more mature and more like a daughter of Athena.

This is some awesome Annabeth fanart. :-) but seriously, she looks better in the movies

Annabeth Chase | Which Percy Jackson girl are you? Guys, sure, come on in - Quiz<<< I'm Piper but I loved this picture of Annabeth

Annabeth Chase

You are an incredibly smart, wise and level-headed gal. Basically, you're a genius. GO GO GO WISE GIRL! Looks like they can kill you and will kill you.

I love the way they're looking at each other! although he's not one of the 7, I think Nico should be there

I think Jason with bleached hair is the coolest thing ever. And Percy with blue hair is AMAZHANG