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5 spellbinding novels for the season of the witch

In my humble opinion, its the best series Anne Rice has written and I have read almost all of them.

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The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice the only vampire series worth reading imo

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I prefer my vampires to be of the Anne Rice variety.

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vcsecretgifts: “ Lestat and Louis’ Love at RueRoyale

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"You do have a story inside you; it lies articulate and waiting to be written - behind your silence and your suffering." Anne Rice

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that feeling when you awake to that new belief... that no intense joy comes without intense suffering...

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When I'm with Lestat, and Louis and Armand, and Gabrielle, I'm in the real world. All colours blaze bright and music soars to Heaven and I'm not lonely for a while, I'm safe <3

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Anne Rice- "Interview With The Vampire"

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