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Amnte Nofre - Egyptian Religion - Double Temple of Haroeris (Horus the Ancient) and... sitesinden

Amnte Nofre - Egyptian Religion — Double Temple of Haroeris (Horus the Ancient) and...

Double Temple of Haroeris (Horus the Ancient) and Sobek at Ombos (“Kom Ombo”), detail from one of the columns of the Forecourt: the Goddess Outo (‘Uadjet’) in Her form of serpent-headed vulture represented upon the 'neb’-basket, wearing the Red...

Sumerian Boundary stone - kudurru (1125-1100 BC). The cuneiform inscription records the granting by Eanna-shum-iddina, the governor of the Sealand, of five gur of corn land in the district of Edina in south Babylonia to a man called Gula-eresh.

Does the #Ipuwer #Papyrus Provide Evidence for the Events of the #Exodus?

Great Lakes Human Hand Effigy Pipe Bowl. | Lot 198 | Auction 2964B | Estimate $1,000-1,500

The Grand Gallery - Inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt More

3500 years old amber amulet in the form of a bear. Found in  Słupsk, Poland. please visit

MET EGYPTIAN AMULET NECKLACE, NEW KINGDOM, DYNASTY 18, REIGN OF AMENHOTEP III C. 1390-1353 BC Found in Amenhotep III’s ancient palace complex at Malkata in Thebes during the excavations of 1910-11. Made of Faience and glazed steatite. Amenhotep III’s reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendor, when Egypt reached the peak of its artistic and international power. When he died in the 38th or 39th year of his reign, his son initially ruled as Amenhotep IV,

The Hongshan culture 红山文化 was a Neolithic culture in northeastern China. Hongshan sites have been found in an area stretching from Inner Mongolia to Liaoning, and dated from about 4700 to 2900 BC. Hongshan burial artifacts include some of the earliest known examples of jade working. The Hongshan culture is known for its jade pig dragons and embryo dragons. Clay figurines, including figurines of pregnant women.