Ancient Maya Art I have been in physical contact with many star races, I come from Andromeda Constellation, all physical worlds come from Andromeda, when I listened to Alex Collier videos, it matches my own experiences, I met a blue race in Uxantun, Guatemala, I also saw them as blue skin and very tall, I call them Lemurians here on earth,,

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Statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. © David A. Kamm

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Mayan ruins of Palenque in Chiapas Mexico

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At San Bartolo, murals dating from 100 BC relate to the myth of the Maya maize god and the hero twin Hunahpu, and depict an inthronization; antedating the Classic Period by several centuries, the style is already fully developed, with colors being subtle and muted as compared to those of Bonampak.

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Ancient Maya art refers to the material arts of the Maya civilization, an eastern and south-eastern Mesoamerican culture that took shape in the course of the later Preclassic period (500 BC to 200 AD), saw its greatest flowering during the seven centuries of the Classic period (c. 200 to 900 AD), and went through an extended Postclassic phase before the upheavals of the sixteenth century destroyed courtly culture and put an end to the Mayan artistic tradition.

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3rd grade paper mache mosaic ancient Mayan mask; lesson by art teacher: Susan Joe

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Ancient Maya Art, Aztec Mayan Inca, Civilization

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Ancient Mayan sculpture .

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Miraculously enough, beautiful works of art such as this jade mosaic mask were created by the Maya not through the use of metal tools, for jade was too hard to be worked by the metals available to the Pre-Columbian Maya. Whatever its previous function may have been, today we are captivated by its spell, and in awe of the artist whose creative efforts produced this dramatic work of Ancient Mayan art.

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