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King Tutankhamun. More

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Rock Art and Petroglyphs Unmounted Rubber Stamp Sheet

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Hittite, treeof life and two goats, Karatepe, 800 BC.

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Tanit and the symbols of Sumerian Inanna, The Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon (by Amberinsea)

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Ancient phoenician coin.

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Mohammed flying over Mecca, at the beginning of his "Night Journey." The square building in the center is the Ka'aba. From the manuscript entitled Khamseh, by Nezami, 1494-5. Currently in the British Museum.

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Raven brooch 5th Century CE. Underlingen, Germany

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Celtic Iron Age Jewelry Replicas

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Hatshepsut statue base. New Kingdom - Dynasty 18 ca. 1473–1458 B.C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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