Final - Meryl & Maks danced Argentine Tango

"Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis danced an Argentine tango (Judges Pic) to "Montserrat" by Bajofondo - season 18 finale - Dancing With the Stars - week 10 - spring My favorite couple to ever win the Mirror Ball

Argentine tango - this reminds me of Omaha and my old boss who had a dance floor in our office and did the Argentine Tango all day!

Argentine tango - oh to spend time in Buenos Aires dancing like your life depended on it.

Argentine Tango Legend, Carlos Gavito.  My obsession began watching this man (RIP) - He brought out so much emotion!

Marcela Duran and Carlos Gavito from the famous Broadway Show "Forever Tango" by Luis Bravo. An iconic couple who boomed international interest in Argentine Tango with their artistic style.

Cada vez que me pongo los zapatos de baile, algo más se hace cargo, Todo lo que…

"Every time I put on my dance shoes, something else takes over, All I hear is the music, and as if in a trance I fly around the room and don't come down until I realize the music has stopped.

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This 82 year old man was encouraging everyone in the square to dance the Tango.

El Tango es una forma musical con cuatro pies rítmicos, distribuidos en dos tiempos. Esta música, acompañada por canto y baile de gran complejidad, nació y evolucionó en Argentina, en la zona portuaria del Río de la Plata. Su inicio data aproximadamente desde 1860, en la porteña ciudad de Buenos Aires. Sus letras reflejaban los pesares y amarguras de los inmigrantes europeos, que llegaban en busca de una nueva vida a un continente desconocido.

The Argentine Tango is as soft as a caress, toxic as love under the midday sun, cruel and dangerous as a tropical forest.

I want to learn how to do this! You're never too old to learn how to Argentine Tango! #howtodance

5 tipos de baile que debes dominar en algún punto de tu vida

I want to learn how to do this! You're never too old to learn how to Argentine Tango! #howtodance