I have just released my second instalment of my Count Stars not Sheep  homeware collection with The Club of Odd Volumes. Building on my earlier Asterisk and Count Stars not Sheep designs, one of  my favourite concepts of the new instalment is my Star Sign Constellation  designs. These are

Rest your head in the stars

'jasmine dowling-- Use these, put them on a canvas and put twinkle lights through them' I'd like the keep constellation for a tattoo.

Tattoo inspiration

36 Astrology Tattoos That Are Out of This World

wild-nirvana:  ॐ My Spiritual World☽

I appreciate these individuals pics - a big heads up for posting - zodiac alphabet, zodiac, zodiac signs, astrology

Via Drops Of Jupiter: tattoo tuesday.

More reasons to love the work of Guy le Tatooer :: Classic latin-style medical illustrations and typography