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Thor Fumbles Hammer

Best gif. ever from The Avengers blooper reel. The best thing is that I could see Thor doing this anyway

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Bruce Banner- You're on your own! *runs away* from blooper reel lol xD

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Avengers bloopers. Thor. Oh my god. I can't breathe I am laughing so hard x'D

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Sometimes its the single little gif that makes your day. Being able to laugh with the Avengers is great.

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Haha just keep filming!

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I have been waiting for a gif to be made of this. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. CAPTAIN STEVEN ROGERS.

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Hahaha love Tom Hiddleston! And the Avengers!!

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Avengers Blooper: Thor Dropping his Hammer, Haha so cute and funny XD Thor can do aegyo!

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Avengers Blooper: Lokis Having Issues

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More Laughs To Be Had With Additional AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Bloopers

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