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Michelangelo masterpiece could collapse from David’s weak ankles

Michelangelo’s David is at risk of falling over after an earthquake or roadworks because of fractures in the statue’s ankles, researchers have said.

Details about Ossur Rebound Air Cam Walking Boot Walker Tall Short XL L XS Ankle Sprain Fract

Ossur Rebound Air Cam Walker. Rocker bottom for a more natural, stable gait. For G rade 2 and 3 ankle sprains. Stabilizesfoot and ankle fractures for p ost-operative and rehab purposes. Walker shell accommodates to fit more calf sizes. | eBay!

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When Can You Start PT after an Ankle Fracture?

When Can You Start PT after an Ankle Fracture?: When should you start moving your ankle after ORIF surgery for fracture?


The Most Common Types of Ankle Fractures

The Most Common Types of Ankle Fractures: Ankle fracture shown with plates and screws to align and fix the bone.