What to expect for baby milestones and habits in the first year

Keeping Track of Baby Habits #infographic

Keeping Track Of Baby Habits Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the category. Check out Keeping Track Of Baby Habits now!

Introducing Solids- A Month by Month Schedule | Newborns | Parenting | Parenthood

Introducing Solids- A Month by Month Schedule [Free Printable]

Baby Tips: The chart above is one of those “arbitrary” charts that I said not to compare your baby to. This is only here to give you some idea of how your baby’s first year might develop. Remember, every baby does these things at his own pace. http://newborn-baby-care.us

Hamilton Mitchell This chart displays the different milestones that a child should experience throughout their years in different subjects.

Monthly baby picture ideas to document your baby's growth! A great collection of ideas for taking monthly baby photos!

Monthly Baby Picture Ideas

Baby Milestones- Growth + Development 0-12-months. Free keepsake + tracker inside.

Your Baby's Developmental Milestones: 0-12 months

I love my wonderweeks app. This gives a very high level summary

Funny Baby Care Tips For New Moms

Description of each Wonder Week baby developmental milestone and growth spurt and how our baby behaves. This Wonder Weeks chart is a great reference.

10 Ways to Document your Baby's 1st Year | Tinyme Blog

10 Ways to Document your Baby's 1st Year

According to this Wyatt is the height of a 3yr old at 18months and Keegan is 1inch off the height of a 4yr old :-)

Printable Height Weight Chart for Girls – Jillian is about 2 months ahead of schedule for weight, but the height seems off. At 13 months she’s inches. According to this, she’s taller than a 2 year old.