Halloween’s coming, and these pumpkin baby photos are sweeter than any candy you could possibly get in a trick or treat bag. Here’s how to take your own.

What’s Cuter Than a Baby? A Baby in Pumpkin

We love this Halloween baby photography trend: putting your baby in a pumpkin (with appropriate props and accessories, of course). These pumpkin babies are taking autumn by storm!

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Halloween Ideas for Kids – Cute Pumpkin Party!

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Don't forget to get holiday pics of your 'Lil Pumpkin'

Pumpkin Baby

fall baby picture ideas Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Flynn Pellett for Zoe, the lil pumpkin?

7 pictures to take of your baby this fall | #babycenterblog

7 pictures to take of your baby this fall

I'm all about pictures of babies in pumpkins ha. I love this. Do the kids names on it and take a picture of the kids and their pumpkins all together. Do a LaVerne 2013 pumpkin too one to put on the porch.