Man, I wish I had thought of this back when I had my mine pierced. With this one, I would have had to had it professionally done. Not DIY, with a needle gauge and too much balls, lol.

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dermal piercings I know how to do that! I totally should try! It isn't that painful the way I was taught. But probs not that safe...

Dermal piercings are all the rage nowadays. Microdermal are the most popular because they're easy to implant and they can be placed anywhere on your body.

lower back dermal piercing - I am getting this and dont care what anyone says

The New & Improved Say It I Dare You

Lower back dermals. I think I want hip dermals instead thesee are cute though :) ❤Maddi(:

Back piercing

With body piercings becoming immensely popular, there are newer options for locations to be pierced, coming out on a daily basis. One of the areas that has become popular, especially among women is the piercing of the Back Dimple.

150+ Micro Dermal Piercing Examples, Procedure, Pain, Cost awesome

150+ Micro Dermal Piercing Ideas, Procedure, Pain, Cost

Microdermal piercings, also known as dermal piercing or single-point piercings, are piercings punctured on flat surfaces of the body.

lower back dimples microdermals piercing(: - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

lower back dimples microdermals piercing(: How do they do that? I have back dimples and I think they are so cute!

Dermal on back of neck. I want one here!! My dermals are my favorite piercings!! So cute and you'd only see it when my hair was up. hmmm

Dermal on back of neck. Dermals are my favorite piercings! So cute and you'd only see it when my hair was up. And the messy bun. oh gotta get long hair again.