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Ballet Photo Margot Fonteyn as Aurora Sleeping Beauty postcard

Ballet Photo Margot Fonteyn as Aurora Sleeping Beauty postcard | eBay

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Stunning Photo Series Spotlights the Graceful Movements of Dancers

An elegant exploration of movement, the NYC Dance Project photographically presents the beauty and grace of dance. The stunning series began in 2014, when Ken Browar, an esteemed fashion photographer, and Deborah Ory, a lifelong dancer with a background in editorial photography, began shooting contemporary dancers for a personal project. Through word of mouth in the dance community and inspiring success on social media, their photography quickly proved popular, and the NYC Dance Project was…

I’ve thought of quitting at times. The nature of the business is so up and down. When you’re up, it’s great. When you’re down, you hate it. But overall I beg to differ with people saying it’s a hard life. There are problems and tough times, but who doesn’t have that? And look at the upside: At the end of the day, I get to do a job where I’m fulfilled with what I’ve done. I’m one of the luckiest bastards around, really. - CB

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Christian Bale

Oh hell yes!