Guide to types of chain - Classificação dos tipos de correntes: rope chain (spiral chain - ANA), rolo chain, ball chain, etc - do site DesignThrift

DIY Basics: Guide to Types of Chain. Don& show the Byzantine chain, however. Like the box or rope chains for my good stuff. Snakes kink far too much and your hair catches in them very easily.

Tutorial Tuesday   Urban Bracelet

Tutorial Tuesday Urban Bracelet

In keeping with the urban setting of this mon th& Art Bead Scene Challenge Painting, I have designed a this century city style b.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Ball & Chain: a free crochet necklace pattern

Ball & Chain: a simple free crochet necklace pattern, perfect for spring or summer. Little stuffed balls joined with crocheted chains and a loop closure.

Create a Ball Chain Bee Hive Pendant with epoxy clay, ball chain and this…

Ball Chain Bee Hive Tutorial

This ball chain beehive tutorial by is sooooo creative. All you need is Crystal Clay, ball chain, a circle pendant base, and a cute bee charm!

How to make ball chain bracelets.  Also shows one of the best ways to wrap for a button closure.  #Beading #Jewelry #Tutorial

What to do with extra ball chain and skinny colored leather. Like this silk wrap, too!Kate Richbourg's wrapped bracelet tutorial - uses leather, thread & ballchain

Art Jewelry Elements: Ball Chain Ends Tutorial

After my last post, some of you expressed interest in a little tutorial on how to wrap commercial ball tip connectors for ball chain like this: Below is a little quickie how-to.