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My specialty is bending balloons into snakes or worms.

Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto Creates the Most Amazing Balloon Sculptures of Animals : Viral : Latinos Post

En Garde! How to Make Super Cool Balloon Swords: Why Make Balloon Swords?

Here's a Collection of Tutorials to Learn How to Make Balloon Swords

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Impress your child by showing them how to make a balloon dog during craft time today!

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15 Unbelievably realistic balloon animals that will amaze you

15 Unbelievably realistic balloon animals that will amaze you

Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto creates incredible balloon animal art using nothing but balloons.

To all you Love Bugs out there, Happy Valentine’s Day!

1 balloon animal/object each day for the next 365 days! I'll be mixing it up with simple and more complex creations. Also, I take worthy requests.

How To Make Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals

Want to make balloon animals? You'll love these basic balloon animal instructions. Bring your next party to life with some balloon animal twisting ideas!