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With its clean, crisp lines and crystal clear body, this contemporary square glass vase is a lesson in simplicity - and it's simply chic. Fill with striking floral accents such as orchids and bamboo, floating candles and petals.

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10 Tips To Create An Asian-Inspired Interior

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DIY Monday # Centerpieces

Buy 3 different sized clear cylinder vases, a bag of white/tan rocks (or just pick some up outside), 3 fern leaves, 3 flat round candles in either a light green or tan color, lastly fill with water! All these items can either be bought at Michaels

Bamboo Candles How-To  1. Saw bamboo canes to varying lengths with level bottoms and 2 inches above each shelf for safety.    2. Melt wax in a double boiler; pour in enough to coat shelf surface.    3. Insert a large wick with a metal tab; let wax harden.    4. Fill almost to the top with wax.    5. Let cool for 4 hours before using, and trim wick to 1/4 inch.

Bamboo Candles

Outdoor Lighting Inspiration--easy DIY idea--Bamboo Candles, believe this is an original Martha Stewart idea.nice clean look and pretty

Wrapped/Rolled Banana Leaves + A Single Lily in each Arrangement. (Lily Color options: Pink, White, Red, etc.)                                                                                                                                                      Mais