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Free bathroom procedure cards! Place in your class bathroom to remind students of what is expected and what to do!

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Bathroom Posters {Free Printable

Teaching bathroom procedures is sometimes time consuming…you need to remind children to flush, not to forget to use soap, to throw the paper INTO the trash, not next to it. And as a kindergarten teacher you have to do this over and over again throughout the day. But I’ve created these bathroom posters with comprehensive …

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Procedures for the Bathroom

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When the green sign is posted the students (one at a time) may move their number next to the restroom sign and take the pass and go. If the red sign is posted, then they may not leave the classroom to take a break. (Unless of course it is an emergency.)


Bathroom Pass System. Loves this idea and will definitely be using this in my classroom!

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Classroom Management Solution: Hand Signals

The Problems “Can I go to the bathroom?” “I need a Kleenex.” “I gotta sharpen my pencil.” A student’s hand is raised.  Does she need a pencil?  Does she need to use the restroom?  Or does she have trouble with a math problem? The Solution One of the best things I implemented in my classroom …


FREE toilet time task cards and other ideas for bathroom procedures in your classroom!


Fluttering Through First Grade: Bathroom Trip Tallies. They put a tally in the box of their student, classroom #. An easy way for you to see who is leaving the classroom too often to use the bathroom. Great to show to parents too at conferences.

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Tips for Teaching Bathroom and Water Fountain Procedures

Ideas for creating bathroom, hall, and water fountain routines that save time. This flippable sign is a free download.