Bay City Rollers today . I saw Ian in concert a few years ago and he was really nice and he put on a really great concert and he signed my CD's and records for me!! It was so exciting to meet him. He was very sweet to all of his fans who came to see them.

random thoughts for monday march 19th, 2012

Bay City Rollers today - all in their mid to lat Man I STILL adore them!I really loved the Bay City Rollers, dang Eric still looks great!

BAY CITY ROLLERS  UK pop group about 1975 - Stock Image

Still won't forgive my mother for dressing me like this at the height of Rollermania in 1975

Bay City Rollers : Shang-A-Lang    Back when I was a kid!

Bay City Rollers - loved these as a kid, had BCR scarves, socks, bag etc

Bay City Rollers... my very first album!

Bay City Rollers-I got this album from my parents at Christmas when I was 9 years old and have been in love with the BCR ever since!

Les McKeown, Eric Faulkner – Bay City Rollers

From Camila Cabello to George Harrison: 24 pop stars who left their bands

Bay City Rollers.  Have 13 of their albums!  I had to import them from England at the time.  :).I loved Woody.Please check out my website thanks.

When i see anything on them it always reminds me of a high school friend, Rita:)

Bay City Rollers.I really loved the Bay City Rollers Woody was my favorite.Please check out my website thanks.

I really loved the Bay City Rollers Ian was my favorite.

Justin Beiber needs to keep in mind that THESE guys were making prepubescent girls hot once too!

Lorelai states that if she had a Bay City Rollers CD, she would have hidden it.